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First rough idea for a new addition to the bird-people world! I need to figure out a bird for him — I’m thinking a raptor of some sort, but am also feeling partial toward shrikes, hm!!

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Meike when she’s a bit older, maybe around 12-14? It’s a little strange to see her without her characteristic hairband, haha, but I wanted to try a different hairstyle!

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Poor Sune.

My friend and I were talking about a modern AU for our characters the other night, and then jokingly, an AU where they are birds, and so… this happened!! This was just scribbled for fun, but I like it a lot so I’m sharing it here!

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A modern!AU version of a friend’s original character and his puppy for her birthday! <3

I’ve started drawing in a sketchbook again! There’s something really relaxing about scribbling with a pen :)

I can’t believe it took me this long, considering how much I love this little family, but I finally drew Kierydn’s younger siblings, Kethe and Ki!

Characters are not mine, but belong to friends! :)

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Figuring out a new character! He goes by November, and will probably inhabit the same world setting as #335, although not in the same storyline.

He’ll change a bit as I continue adjusting his design, but I’m really happy with how this first attempt came out! :)